The Theocracy of Mulhorand

When the Imaskar Empire opened portals to another planet in order to kidnap and enslave some of the inhabitants to rebuild their plague-striken dominion, they could hardly have expected that these slaves would one day form one of the greatest and longest lasting empires on Faerun.  These Humans – the Mulan – were worked as slaves to the Imaskari for centuries, and their freedom was only obtained when their gods were made manifest and fought to overthrow the Imaskari tyrants.  Settling in lands of Mulhorand was a simple matter for the Mulan – they had hailed from a desert land sustained by the floodwaters of their mighty rivers, and so they found in Mulhorand a place that could almost be their lost home.

Shortly after Mulhorand arose, some of the Mulan people from another region of their original homeland with their own gods moved further west, creating the nation of Unther.  Not even a century would pass before the Mulhorandi and Untheric peoples found their common history cast aside in the interests of preserving their own political interests – leading to war between the two nascent countries.  The war was only ended when the Mulhorandi and Untheric pantheons personally intervened to decree that the River of Swords was to be the dividing line between the two nations henceforth.

As the years continued on, Mulhorand's power grew.  The empire came to rule vast tracts of land, stretching from between the Alambar Sea in the west to the Jhorat Citadel in the east – from Azulduth, the Lake of Salt in the south to Lake Mulsantir in the north.  The size of the empire brought troubles of its own, however, and the people living on the neglected or abused edges of Mulhorand began to agitate for their independence.  The most significant of these agitators was a Theurgist from Eltabbar, Thayd the Red.  

Thayd had studied under the last remaining Imaskari wizards, and using their knowledge of creating portals to other worlds, Thayd opened a portal to a planet ruled by powerful Orcish empires, ruled by fanatically zealous God-Kings who claimed descent from their deities.  Thayd had hoped to ally with these Grey Orcs in order to lead his land to freedom from the Mulhorandi Pharaohs, but before he could make more than a fleeting contact with the Orcs, Thayd's rebellion was discovered and crushed by Mulhorandi troops.

Thinking the situation dealt with – as no one other than Thayd knew of the portal he had created – the Mulhorandi governor of Eltabbar ordered his troops to spread throughout the region, seeking to suppress any other revolutionary sentiments by a show of strength in even the smallest village.


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