The Peninsular War

1 - On the Road to Osker

In Which the Party Discovers the Value of a Wet Wally

The road between Furthinghome and Osker is little-traveled these days.  Anyone who is someone knows that travel by boat is the fastest and most comfortable method of transportation between Aglarond's greatest cities, and the war has made banditry and marauding much more common on the roads the further east one travels.  Nonetheless, some travelers find it necessary to use the roads – and the newly founded mercenary company, known as the Arms of Arkenviir in honor of their patron, found itself traveling the lonely paths between Osker and Furthinghome.

Along the way, there was almost no sign of other travelers until the band came upon a man who appeared to have fallen from his horse onto the cobblestones.  The body was a trap, however, and Goblins quickly attacked.  Just as quickly, however, the Goblins found themselves dead.  The only survivor of the massacre of Goblin bandits was a young, cowardly Goblin by the name of Wet Wally, who swore himself to the mercenaries' service to save his own life.  Wally revealed that another group of travelers had been captured a few days before – a Human he called Zanner, a Dwarf known only as "Sandy" by the Goblin, and a cat.

Finding little reason to investigate the captured travelers before they were ready, the adventurers chose instead to finish their journey to Osker, reaping the reward of the contract they had been assigned by delivering an important package and note to the man who ran the general goods store in the small village.

Once their official business was completed, the party rested at Osker's only suitable lodgings, Stonehill Inn.  The next day, they would venture back down the road and search out the rest of the Goblins and the travelers they had taken prisoner.


Izuru Izuru

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