The Peninsular War

0 - Prologue
In Which the Party Prepares for Adventure

Before our story began, the individuals who would comprise our story's sometimes questionable heroes were of very different backgrounds.  From all strata of society and all corners of the world, the fact that they even came together could be considered miraculous were it not for the hand of fate guiding them.

The first story to begin was Rashien's, whose tale began four centuries prior to our adventures.  Originally a landowner from Calimshan, Rashien was very cagey about why he left and what his background was initially.  All he would reveal to his fellow companions at the start was that he was indeed a Calishite, and that he had chosen to take the life of a wanderer now.  Most did not bother prying further, for fear that the tall, cowled stranger would do them harm.

The rest of our heroes' stories began much closer to the start of their adventures in Aglarond.  Traei was an Eladrin born and bred in the Feywilds, only leaving for the Prime Material Plane when the lure of wanderlust became too powerful to ignore.  His travels took him first to the Yuirwood, the ancient and dark forest in the heartlands of Aglarond.  Strangely, the Elves who ruled the forest did not prove to his liking, and to both parties' great relief, he left the cover of the woods for the greatest city of Aglarond: Velprintalar, the Seat of Mystra's Chosen.  While there, Traei's devotion to the Goddess of magic deepened, and soon he swore himself into the service of the Kingdom as a Knight of the Crown.  His first assignment was to report to the Duke of Furthinghome, and carry out any tasks the noble gave him.

Not all wanderers are so fortunate, however, and Tuli was one of these unlucky souls.  Born in Thesk with uncertain parentage and demonic heritage, she was left to fend for herself from an early age.  Tuli quickly discovered the siren call of flame… and just as quickly uncovered her heritage as a Phoenixborn Sorcerer.  Fire seemed to follow in her footsteps – whether due to bad luck or her own lack of caution was debatable.  She journeyed from city to city, scraping by a meager living as an urchin before inevitably fleeing or being run out of the town after fires mysteriously started.  With no where else in her home country of Thesk to turn to, she eventually snuck aboard a ship bound for Furthinghome, and hoped a new country would lead to a new and better life.

The first signs of this new life were a mixed bag.  The sailors discovered her stowed away aboard their ship, and were prepared to arrest her once they made port.  However, it was at this time that Cayladias came to Tuli's aid – both against the sailors and the Kuo-toa which attacked the ship moments later.  Cayladias was a Wood Elf from the Elven forests of Cormanthor, and had never felt at home among Humans and their city.  Why she chose to come to Aglarond, one of the centers of Human hatred against Elves and their kind, was known only to her.  Without her aid, however, Tuli might well have died during the attack on the ship, and it almost certainly would have been sunk.

The final hero of our story was the only one among them to actually be born in the country in which their adventures began.  Delvan Daergel was born to a family of recently immigrated Gnomes who hoped to find their fortune in the magic-rich country, but their search was less than successful.  Delvan's parents did their best to provide for their son with their meager livelihood, and even hoped that his natural intellect would lead to him being accepted at a magical academy.  This also was not to be.  Though he was not accepted at any respectable institutions, various temples in Furthinghome furthered his education, and the Daergel parents did their best to provide him with as many books as they could afford.  By the time the others found their way to his hometown, Delvan had taught himself the rudiments of magic, and was eager to put his knowledge to the test.

From the Records of:

Ostentatious Osmond, Viceroy of Thundertree


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