Current Year: 1448 DR

Aglarond has been a relatively tranquil country for many years. The last major conflict it was involved in was a small border dispute with Thay to the East, which resulted in a white peace – neither side truly conceding defeat or claiming victory. In the years since then, Aglarond has worked to enrich itself. Its location made it a natural nexus of trade, and the large number of magic-users dwelling within its borders has also resulted in it becoming a mecca for students of magic.

However, the region has long been a hotspot of tension between the indigenous Half-Elves of Yuirwood and the Humans who colonized the coast of the peninsula eons ago. In recent decades, this tension has intensified. When the Witch-Queen of Aglarond vanished unexpectedly, the Humans of Altumbel took the opportunity to declare themselves a state independent from the rest of Aglarond.

With Aglarond and Altumbel splitting in two, one of the Tharchions of Thay struck while Aglarond's armies were busy, invading the eastern cities of Aglarond – ostensibly to "protect native Thayvians" and "prevent the chaos of the civil war from spilling into Thay's borders."

The three-way conflict, now known as the Peninsular War, has in recent times moved into a fragile stalemate with Aglarond holding the superior land army, Altumbel's navy dominating the seas, and Thay steadfastly refusing to retreat from the cities they've gained in the east due to Aglarond's reluctance to return their aggression for fear of attracting more of Thay's armies into Aglarondan lands.

This uneasy ceasefire has led to each of the three factions in the war seeking to recruit as many mercenaries and privateers as possible, both from within and outside of Aglarond – ordering them to wage proxy wars among one another.

The Peninsular War